Hi I am Brenda,

Welcome to my blog Home Remedies Natural Cure, a place for homemade, mostly organic, safe to use remedies that is based on the natural cure.

I have always been a chemical-free, green mother earth enthusiast. I developed an inclination towards the natural lifestyle and healing. The blog is my online journal to pen down all the information, tips and remedies I have gathered.

Home Remedies Natural Cure is a blog where we share various home remedies, Natural cures, and natural living topics. The main motive of Home Remedies Natural Cure is to encourage naturalism and herbalism in the present era of modern lifestyle.

Home Remedies Natural Cure is an online resource for women, moms, parents and everyone who want to live a healthier life. 


I do not claim/intend to treat any health condition through the information and remedies shared on the blog. This blog is purely for information purposes, we do not encourage the readers to take these tips and remedies as a substitute for any medical treatment.

Before starting any remedy please take advice and consultation from a qualified medical professional.